Scaletera Hydrokinetic Turbine

RANS CFD Drove Design Decisions That Were Validated Using Prototypes in a Water Flume

slow moving but steady current, like the gulf stream. Doyle CFD optimized the turbine design and validated  the CFD using a prototype in a hydro flume.  The optimization cycle went through two prototypes, first a 3 bladed design and then a 5 bladed design with the option for either a closed center or an open center for wake mixing. The CFD predictions matched very well to the prototype results.

Beyond CFD and prototype testing, we designed the turbine to be cost effective in terms of materials, assembly and maintenance. As a demonstration to shareholders we created animations to showcase how  these turbines could be manufactured, assembled on site, and maintained.


We validated our CFD with multiple flume tests and designed the turbine to not only produce large amounts of power but also to be built and assembled offshore at a profitable level


Services Provided

Rans CFD
Turbine Design
flume testing
prototype testing