Monarch Wind Turbine

Our full package of CFD, FEA, and Rendering brought this project from idea to prototype

Abundant Energy came to us with a Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) design for deployment in rural areas. We aerodynamically optimized the design by using transient moving mesh URANS CFD. The parameters that we varied were, blade shape, pitch,  chord, count and radius.  We optimized the design of the turbine for maximum power and for automatic start up. The videos below show movies of the velocity and pressure for one of the design iterations, these videos are slowed down so that you can see the flow effects.







URANS with a moving mesh allowed us to iterate through many designs to determine the optimal configuration to be built.

Once the design was aerodynamically optimized, we then designed the laminate structure. This FEA study incorporated our Laminate Designer Program to  accurately determine laminate properties. The FEA study was interesting due to the curved struts for the visual appeal of the Monarch design, requiring these struts to be strong and light weight to optimize material use.


Services Provided

Rans CFD
Moving Mesh
Transient CFD
Turbine Design