Altaeros Energies

We Performed CFD-FEA FSI To Lead Manufacturing

The Altaeros turbine concept uses a lighter than air shroud to lift a wind turbine into higher velocity air that does not have to deal with near-ground effects. We led the manufacturing effort with our parent company, Doyle Sailmakers. We designed the shroud to be manufacturable, this included performing Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI), by coupling CFD and FEA to determine how much load and where the load would be on the shroud. Using this information we designed the shroud to hold a rigid shape when inflated, tethered to the ground, and with the load of the turbine inside of the shroud. A video describing this project is below.



Coupling CFD, FEA, and our experience in the design of soft and inflatable structures we led the manufacturing of the first full-scale Altaeros prototype.

We are continuing work with Altaeros  on various design questions.